Our Approach

multipleaudiencesReaching Multiple Publics
Extend the idea of what is the “public” we want to reach – thinking more in terms of multiple publics, including networked publics.
youthcenteredYouth-Centered Methods
In the collaborative seeing approach, youth are positioned as media producers and interpreters of their own and each other’s self-representations, and treated as expert analysts of their work by researchers who serve as curious and interested viewers.
imageandwordsAn Image and a Million Words
We are extending upon the old adage that an image is worth a thousand words — meanings are made and remade as young people use their photographs and videos for different purposes.
multipleeyesMultiple Audience Eyes
Collaborative seeing takes shape through conversations in several relational groupings, in different contexts, and over time.
needtoknow3Need to Know More Stance
We assume a need to know more stance” toward children as knowing subjects. There is no single or “correct” answer to the question, “What does this picture/video or series of pictures/videos mean?”
lensLarger Social Forces
We are committed to taking into account how larger social forces and relations of power press varied audience’s eyes into seeing (and not seeing) young people and their social worlds in certain ways.

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